Archived March 1, 1997:
Speaking of Izzy, he came downtown Friday night (um, 11/15?) and he and I and Mark and some other people cruised South St. and found a really cool sculpture called "stroll" by William King. It's on the footbridge between South St. and Delaware Ave. Check it out!!!

A while back, Izzy and Mark and I decided to go and get some ymmy ethiopian food. Thanks to the good people at, we found out about a great place in West Philly called Dahlak. It was very very yummy...and there is a beer distributor nearby, so i managed to find a good deal on a variety case of Pete's to round out the evening! This has started a tradition of Dahlak visits.
More recently - ok, last week - Mark and Heather and Izzy and I and Avi and Mike and Ava all went to Dahlak together. Boy was it good. You really MUST get there if you're in the area. It is just scrumptious.
On Saturday 3/30/96, we went AGAIN! This time it was me, Izzy, Avi, Gail, Matt, and some guy James from We ate like PIGS and we loved it.

Izzy and I have been spending a LOT of time together lately, by the way. You can email me if you want to know more.

Here's a picture of my old friend Paul Shore, another CHS alum currently at Hahnemann. In this photo, taken back in our younger days, he is posing with some "art" photos we'd taken earlier, lying on my dad's pool table.

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