Archived June 6,1997
I've been busy busy busy with school. GOD I've been busy. I've been hanging out with izzy WAY more than planned :) which has been lots of fun. I've made some new friends at school...Hi Julie! Hi Sam! Hi Kelly! Hi Omar! Hi everyone else! :)

Archived March 1, 1997:
I haven't been able to get out that much...when I *do* get out, maybe I go to Comedy Sportz above Monteserrat on South Street....or, maybe Izzy and I get together with Bruce Schimmel and his wife Kate-who-uses-her-maiden-name-that-I-can't-remember, at their house in Delaware, or more recently for yummy dimsum in Chinatown.
Mark went to San Franscisco - I think he gets back today, in fact (12/13/96). He has been having an excellent time, and we talked a few times while he was there - hooray for the internet! Who needs a phone?
Avi was in San Franscisco too, recently, for IETF. If you need to ask what that is, you don't want or need to know, trust me :). Hmmm....let's see...what else? OH! I know! I'm going to HAWAII for winter break! I am so excited I can hardly breathe. Thanks go out to the Israeli family (they're the ones responsible for Izzy's existence) for bringing me with them, and to Jason F at Hawaii Online aka for giving me an account with local dialin on all of the islands, so Avi will let me go :). I would obviously NEVER have been able to afford the trip, I feel so lucky that there are those who care about me who will help me out now, and you can bet I'll be helping them out later if/when I am in a position to do so!!!!!
If anyone cares, I did ok the first semester....
I got an A in embryology, Bs in anatomy and histology, and a C in biochem. Biochem was a bear. I talked to my professor, and he said he thought I did well for someone who had never taken biochem before. This quarter, we're taking immunology, physiology, ethics, physical exam, and biostatistics.

Archived December 13, 1996:
Avi and Gail and I went to DC last weekend for Disclave. We had a pretty good time. There was a bofh gathering Saturday night, and Avi ran a red light AND got bounced from a titty bar. Vinny was not pleased. Gail and I went shopping and I spent too much money on beads and things. Burrito Brothers at Union Station makes really good burritos and has a nifty salsa bar. Avi and Izzy and I return to DC this weekend for NANOG. I'll try to post a note about how that goes.
Izzy's moving downtown next week, to the Metropolitan, just a couple of blocks from my house - I'm hoping it cuts down on my stress level.

Archived May 29, 1996:
Elizabeth P sent me this picture of herself at a christmas party in San Francisco....It makes me miss The City even more.
Jon B. just got back from Alaska, where it did not snow, to find a Philadelphia buried under 31 inches of the stuff. Hmmmmm.
Jen H. got a new job writing html, which sounds really exciting.
Avi and Gail and Joy and Izzy and I all had dinner at the Italian Oven in Chestnut Hill recently, but we didn't convince Avi to draw the Net Access Connectivity Map on the table. Bummer.
The crowd will be partying at Frank's house to ring in the New Year. Maybe I can post some pictures after we all recover enough to get the film developed.

Paul has gone to California for the winter. Actually, he's hiding out somewhere in Nevada, but it's really CLOSE to California. He's going to write a book out there or get thrown in jail, nobody knows for sure. From what I've heard so far, he's having a great time. I'll update here periodically.

Michael Israeli also has his new webserver up and running - as you must already know, since you're using it right now. To see what Izzy is up to, check out the hotlist - but be aware, it is not for the faint of heart, or for followers of Jesse Helms. You may want to keep a towel handy. You'd never believe our little OshKosh would come up with this!