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Mark came over to the new house recently and helped us put up the satellite dish - fun for all, it was. Now we have a gazillion channels and there is STILL NOTHING ON!!
We're actually having some trouble wiring the house for satellite, though. We need to bring the cable down from the roof to the second (not top) floor, and there doesn't really seem to be a good way to do it. Plus, we just had a new roof put on, so we're not thrilled about punching holes in it. But, we'll figure it out, I guess.

We got two Norwegian Forest Cats!! Kanga and Rufus. More on them coming soon :)

Gail went to Hong Kong, and came back with shorter hair. Hmmm.
Joy gave us all some great news'd have to email her to find out about it though - it's not _my_ news to share.
Emily came for a visit from LA on her way to NYC! We had a good time, and she bought me a coffeepot and everything. I feel really bad, though, because her dog got really sick while she was here, and right after she got to NYC she found out that he died. He was 12, but it's still really sad. Jake was a very sweet golden retriever.

Some classmates and I participated in a PAWS clinic at school on Sunday, June 8th, 1997. I find that work really rewarding. It ran really smoothly, although Dr. Moffatt's dog Peach bit me - it was ok, he hardly has any teeth, anyway :). Thanks to all of my student colleagues who helped out!

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