More about Kanga and Rufus

Kanga and Rufus are our Norwegian Forest Cats, born February 27, 1997. They are sooooooo much fun! The Norwegian Forest Cat FAQ says that they are not lap cats, but I for one beg to differ! Kanga is most definitely a lap cat. Rufus may not be a lap cat, but he's a shoulder cat, or a head cat, or an in-your-arms cat instead *grin*.

These cats have large appetites and eat a lot of Iams kitten food, which thank god I get for free since I'm a veterinary student. They have a program whereby if I read their propagan^H^H^H^H^H I mean product literature and educational material *ahem* I am entitled to a free bag of food per month. Thanks, Iams!

Kanga and Rufus both have the surname, LeMieux, by the way, because their breeder, Donna, is a hockey fan. Ask her about that for more info. Kanga is registered as Kanga Boo LeMieux, and Rufus is Rufus LeMieux. Actually, I'm not sure if that should be a capital M or not, but for now it is, unless someone corrects me *smile*.

I believe that of the two cats, Kanga is a bit more reserved, tending to sit next to you, or on your lap or feet. Rufus, on the other hand, prefers to cuddle in up next to your face, as close as he can. Both of them purr all the time, and are very affectionate with me and Michael. They are a bit wary of strangers, but generally come around pretty quickly if you just pet them a couple of times.

They love to play with their toys and their cat tree. They're great company, but sometimes they make it hard to get any work done because they rub up against your hands while you are typing or whatever. I'm really glad we have them.

There are some pictures of these fuzzy wonders online here, be advised that they are quite large, and may take time to download over a modem. I'll be putting up smaller ones RSN.

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