The Fuck the Communications Decency Act Home Page.

Need I say more? I know the CDA was overturned, but that was a battle, not the, also visit The ACLU and use their automatic form to fax/email Janet Reno!!

Note: Apparently someone checked out my web page and then contacted someone at my mom's workplace and said "Mila's daughter's web page says 'fuck' on it" as if this were something she should be ashamed of. Now, my mom is no idiot. She understands the rhetorical value of a single well placed obscenity used to deliver an important message. If you can not understand this, fine, but don't bother *telling my mom*, for crying out loud. If you have a problem with something I say, take it up with ME, or keep it to yourself!

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email Home Page.

This is a _good_ organization comprised of _clueful_ people. Support their work if you hate unsolicited commercial email/spam!!


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