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So, we're back from vacation. The Outer Banks of North Carolina are really really nice. We stayed in a quiet town called Corolla. It's pronounced Cuh-raw-luh, not Co-roh-lah like the car. It means the inner part of a flower, according to the local literature. We had a great time hanging out on the beach (with sunscreen), swimming, riding waverunners, watching dolphins out on the sound, seeing beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and all that vacationy kind of stuff.

I'd like to give another shout out to Jason Botts of InterPath, who gave us our free dialup access while we were in town.

David, Izzy's brother, is moving in today. His stuff is all here, and his satellite receiver made it despite the UPS strike, so all is working out ok so far. We had dinner tonight, the three of us, at Audrey Claire's, and Alex was walking down the street, and he came over and talked to us through those big windows they have there. Small town *grin*.

After dinner, we signed up for the Rittenhouse Square Neighborhood Watch patrol, and then we got David hooked up at the Rittenhouse Square Fitness Center. Now, I have work to do. Catch you on the flip side! Archived 8/5/97:
Ho hum. I'm sitting here in the Net Access Noc bored out of my skull, so I thought I'd update this news page here. I'm going to North Carolina next week for vacation, believe it or not, so that should be fun. Lisa Israeli, Izzy's sister, will be hanging out at our house, taking care of Kanga and Rufus for us. We were able to get a demo account from interpath.net down there, so we'll be checking email and stuff and generally continuing to be slaves to the network *sigh*. Speaking of which, Bill Macklin from the Philadelphia Inquirer just did a story on that, and there is a big picture of me and Izzy in there, and quotes from me, Izzy, and Avi *grin*. No URL for that yet.

Izzy and I got a new camera and took a whole bunch of pictures, and plan to take more on vacation. Hopefully I'll get to the scanner soon and we'll throw some of the better ones online for your viewing pleasure.

I guess there's not much more going on. I'll check back in after vacation.

Archived July 25, 1997:
So, the move into the new house on Rittenhouse Square is no longer _in progress_. It's actually pretty much DONE! Some leftover kitchen stuff is still all packed up in boxes while we await the new furniture - well, old furniture, really - that izzy's folks are giving us. We had a painter, a plumber, and a blacksmith (he forged some grillwork for us) do some work on the house and it looks great - except for the stuff that isn't unpacked yet. You can imagine it is pretty crazy over there right now since it's not all organized, but it's going to be so perfect when it's done...we're going to have ethernet in every room (we're already live in the basement and the bedroom *grin*), we're going to have *room* for me to store all of my *books*, we're going to have DishTV, we're pretty much going to have it just the way we want it. I'm *so* excited!

Archived June 6, 1997:
Izzy and I have found a new apartment! No, wait - we bailed on that idea. IZZY BOUGHT A HOUSE!! We're going to be living on Rittenhouse Sq, between 20th and 21st. This so so incredible... We're going to be moving into the house (photo to come :)) this June. We're very excited. I'm planning to start an indoor herb garden, we're hoping to get a Norwegian Forest Cat, er, actually, two of them *grin* and it's really going to be a kick-ass house. There are 25 pairs going to each room, and 10baseT is everywhere too. Hopefully we'll have a housewarming party sometime soon...although we really have everything we need, except maybe a rice cooker, so don't think you need to bring gifts or anything.

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From February 3, 1996:


Today I recieved my acceptance letter from The Veterinary School at the University of Pennsylvania. I cannot describe with words how amazed I am. I'm really excited about it, though. I'll write more on the subject soon.

Ok, so that stuff isn't new news anymore. I'm coming up on my first midterms of my third quarter at Penn. I promise, sometime after finals, I'll do a more extensive update of this page, and hopefully I'll have something more interesting to report at that time :)

November 16, 1995
Today I was feeling angry at the world. I also found an old press photo from a production of David Mamet's "The Woods" I was in in Berkeley, CA. This picture clearly demonstrates my frustration.

Let's see...news...news...I'm trying to write a paper on the virulence factors of a microbe. I have to choose a microbe. If you think of a good one, please let me know!
November 16, 1995 Well, I guess the main thing on my mind right now is the asassination of Israel's Prime Minister Rabin. I happened to have the radio on when the first reports came out that he had been shot. I am ashamed to admit that I immediately thought an Arab had shot him. When I found out that it was a Jew who had shot (and by that time, killed) him, I started to feel really bad about having had that thought. I guess it just goes to show you how insidious these stereotypes are. I feel quite chastised. I welcome any opinions on the subject of racism in general or this assassination in particular.


I tried this year's Mendocino County Christmas Ale, from the North Coast Brewing Co. I recommend it. Also, try Sam Smith's Winter Welcome - I'm glad I did! School is continuing to go ok, and despite a recent rocky patch, my personal life could in fact be worse, so....I guess I don't have any actual news. sorry.

I have a new chair!!

I love my apartment. My grandma just gave me an old soft upholstered chair. It looks very cool right next to my relatively new funky carpet with the bright red flowers. This place is actually a happenin' pad, especially when the lava lamp gets going.

I have new windows!!

Thank you, Oakwood Apartment management.

Neatness Update 11/6/95

I cleaned my apartment top-to-bottom yesteraday, only to have it trashed completely by my spaghetti dinner/beer tasting affair. Now I have to start back at square one.

(October 31, 1995)

Academic Update: I just got an A on my second Physiology midterm.

So there I was today, standing in my cow costume in the post office, and to make a long story short, the woman behind the desk refused to let me make my transaction because I needed to borrow her pen to put an address on the envelope. It took the supervisor 20 minutes to convince her to do it, and meanwhile everyone was pissed in the line behind me, and I heard all this muttering about "the one in the cow suit." Also, one of my colleagues at Net Access was more than a bit confused when someone called today and asked him "is there a cow in your office?" Of course, it was Paul...(hi paul)