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What's going on?

Lots of our friends and family are interested in seeing pictures of us, and occasionally purchasing prints. We certainly do take lots of pictures of the kids and sometimes ourselves, and other family members, ans we're more than happy to share the ones that came out well - and even sometimes the ones that didn't :). We have chosen to use an online gallery as a method of facilitating this, especially for long-distance folks. We are using KodakGallery.com (formerly ofoto.com) and have been very happy with the service there. Sometimes we host an album at another site such as Shutterfly, which you will notice when you click on the link. Don't worry about it, you will still be able to view all the pictures.

In case you were wondering some of these pictures were taking by Hillary and others by Michael; rarely, you'll see one taken by one of the kids :) We use digital cameras, cell phones, and sometimes a video camera to take these pictures. I'll try to get the model information on here soon for you photography buffs :)

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Our albums

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Jacob's 5th Birthday Party

Circus costumes

Jacob and Toad

Flood pix 2005

July 4, 2005

Michael and the girls, 7/2005

Jacob's first year - finally

May 7, 2005 - NYC

- Mothers' Day

Mixed bag of cellphone pix

Kids 4/2005, at home; Or Ami mock seders

2nd zoo trip, synagogue purim pics


Purim pix, zoo pix

Lilah's first pix :)

Snow, January 2005

Naomi and Lilah at home, 3/05

Or Ami Character Dinner

Naomi's fall music class 2004

September 2004 miscellaneous

Dodson Dinosaur lab visit

Last day at Stone Harbor 8/21/04; Citizen's Bank Park tour 9/11/04

Miscellaneous photos, Summer 2004

Jacob's graduation, zoo trips, and the fire at 2135 Basswood

Garden Pix, spring 2004 - These are on shutterfly. You may notice a buggy slideshow situation where you have to go back to the previous picture to get it to display the full image. Sorry. Try it out.

Or Ami picnic and playdate and random photos, Spring 2004 - also on Shutterfly. Lots of not-great pix had to be taken to get some good ones, sorry about that.

Gymboree, Shabbat child, AN KoP

Providence trip 2004

Miscellaneous at home photos, 2/2004

Hillary's Birthday Party 2004

Thanksgiving through Valentine's day

Shabbat Child and stuff...

Naomi's birthday party

Pics from Playdate with Sarah

Emi's Birthday Party, 2003

Jacob's Gymboree Party 2003

Autumn 2003 - September/October

Miscellaneous August/September 2003 pix

At Tango with the Clark Family

Kylie's first day with us

August 2003, Jacob's karate ceremony

August 2003, Naomi @ Gymboree

August 2003 - Jacob's dentist appointment and haircut

August 2003 - a visit at Saba and Safta's house

August 2003 - Avalon, NJ from Hillary's camera

August 2003 - Wildwood, NJ family outing

August 2003 - Naomi's swimming class and Emily's birthday

July 2003 - garden, camp, gymboree

July 4th parade shots

2003-6-12 - new photos of the kids and the garden

2003-3-22 - family pix 2/27-3/22/03 plus Mrs. Ressler's new facility snapshots

Dinner out 3/22/03

March 2003

Omi's Birthday

April 2003 - home and Gymboree - NOTE: This album contains a photo of a funny traffic sign located near the Gymboree. Check it out.

Gymboree pics, 1/2003

12/22/02 -Kids

1/17/03 - kids, snow, etc

1/18/03 - more kids!

Jacob's Purim Costume

Naomi's Brit Bat - sorry about the poor photo quality!

12/13/02 - the kids

Shabbat Child

12/7/02 - snow

Naomi's first bath, 11/11/02

Family and stuff, 11/17/02

Family stuff, 11/20/02

Naomi Rebecca Israeli photos from 10/20/02 - 10/22/02

Naomi at home; Jacob's Gymboree Halloween; trick-or-treating; 11/1/02

Jacob and Family, 10/22/2001

Jacob and Family, 12/24/2001

Winter Holidays 2001-2002, Jacob et al.

Rehearsal Dinner for David and Lori

Jacob at swim class 5/20/02

David and Lori's Wedding day 5/19/02

Jacob at home in March, April, and May

April 20,2002

Ressler family dinner at Savona 3/02

3/17/02 - Hillary's birthday, garden photos, random Jacob shots