Well, Janet Reno was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, which has caused her to develop a tremor in her left hand. I guess the publicity might help fund research into this disease, but I think it's a real shame for her.

In other news, the 12/2/95 NYTimes had a front page article on the new telecommunications bill. Another GOOD argument in favor of the line item veto. Apparently, the very bill that would break up the telco monopolies (GOOD for ISPs and others) contains sections that would RESTRICT the transmission of pornography over the Internet. The people working on this define "material harmful to children" as including "full frontal nudity." Anyone else find this troubling????

I STRONGLY recommend that anyone who has the opportunity goes to see Joe Louis Walker and his killer blues band. Stand back when the bass player does his solo!!!!! This cat needs his SPACE.

In August I heard Ken Kesey speak at a small church in Philadelphia. It was very hot, but very worth it. Quotable quote: in response to an audience question - is there a more useful drug than LSD - Mr. Kesey replied "oh, marijuana is by far more useful. If OJ had smoked some marijuana that day...[nicole would still be alive]" Of course, this was before THE VERDICT....