Out and About

I liked Chasing Amy a lot, though the ending kinda sucked. I was white-knuckled all through Breakdown. Romy and Michelle's HS Reunion was really dumb, but had some very funny moments. Beyond that, I haven't done a whole lot...Oh, I went to Maine for the wedding of my old friend Rick and his new wife Rachel - it was beautiful there. We stayed on Deer Isle, and it was great except for the killer mosquitoes.

Random restaurant recommendations: South Street Souvlaki. I recommend it. Another favorite restaurant is Pollo Rosso in Chestnut Hill (hi Jon!). I might be putting up a web page for them soon! I also love Friday*Saturday*Sunday and Audrey Claire's in my new neighborhood. I've also tried Stix at um, 23rd or so, and Pine St - it was excellent. My all time fave is still Sagami, in Collingswood, NJ, though. Mmmmmm......suuuuuuushiiiiii.

Neatness update

Still working on this...I really need to get more organized. I need help.

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