Hillary makes the news!

Yep, some people find me newsworthy or quotable - I'm really not sure why. I've been in print several times in the CityPaper but it seems their webserver died or was spindled and mutilated or something so those things aren't listed here. I don't have any cites for them... - it just doesn't seem like that big a deal. But some people have insisted that I start keeping track, so....here's a list of some appearances of me in the news. Ok, so right now it's just one link :) but trust me, there will be more.

I am a loser!

So I never kept copies of these articles, and they no longer exist. The links are kept here mainly for historical purposes. I'm sure you could, if you really really wanted to, get copies of the articles from the archives of the publications in question. But trust me - none of this was earth-shattering news :)

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