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Hillary's vet school class notes

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April 2005 Update

I can't believe I still get mail from people using these pages. Wow. I have decided to put up some advertising to see if it defrays the costs of running this website. Time will tell. It's just Google AdSense. I like Google, I think they are a good company. Anyway. The class notes are still available, ignore the ads if they aren't of interest, click on them if they are!

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I don't know how their algorithms work...sometimes these ads having nothing to do with veterinary medicine at all, when all this particular page is about is veterinary medicine, but hey, whatever. I'm just going to mention animal doctoring, and veterinary medicine, a couple more times for good measure. I love being an animal doctor, by the way :)

Historical information

Here is some historical information about this site. Please go there and read the disclaimer!

What's happening now

I would like to invite all classmates to join the email list Jeanette Rilling put together! Go to http://www.egroups.com/group/VMD2000 to subscribe!
Some older projects:
I made some mini-cheat-sheets on various topics and I have decided to put some of my lit search results into a reference directory.

Board Review Stuff

Not much here yet, but check it out anyway! CLICK HERE!

Formerly Current Stuff

Obviously none of this is really "current" per se anymore, given that finals are *over* and I'm all done with classes... YAY!!! But this is as current as it gets. FWIW.

Veterinary Medicine Lectures

Professional Foundations
Amphibians & Reptiles
Avian Medicine & Surgery
Medsurg III
Sheep & Goats
Lab Animal Medicine
Behavioral Medicine


Here are some zipfiles- multiple lectures for one class in a convenient package!

Izzy's schedule - ignore this.

National Board Examination Committee

Useful Vet Image Links

My vet links - I know, often out of date, but I DO have a life you know!

Vet Anesthesia

Older stuff

Fall '96 stuff: anatomy, biochemistry, histology, embryology.
Winter '97 stuff: physical exam & animal management, biostatistics, ethics, immunology, first half of physiology.
Spring '97 stuff: genetics, medicine, pathology, radiology, and the second half of physiology
Fall '97 stuff: parasitology, systemic pathology, neuroscience, principles of surgery, microbiology
Winter '98 stuff: orthopedics, clinical lab med, poultry med, epidemiology, half of pharmacology
Spring '98 stuff: anesthesia, medsurg1, veterinary public health, infectious and metabolic diseases, second half of pharmacology
Fall '98 stuff: reproduction, medsurg2, other stuff :)

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