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If you've been here before, you know that this site was originally created using a Duo 230 and then a Duo 2300c, and that almost 20% of my 2300c was paid for by donations from classmates. So I'm wondering if anyone is reading this, and is interested in donating to the cause of a new iBook for this note archive... if you are, you can paypal a donation to izzy@netaxs.com with a note as to what it is for. That would make my day. My month, even. :) Anyway, carry on to the rest of the site...

Original site

Hi! Lots of people ask me why I put these notes here so a brief explanation...updated 5/19/00
I took all my notes at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine on a Macintosh Powerbook Duo 2300c which weighs about 4 pounds. Note: anyone who actually reads this will see that this is an *upgrade* from my original Duo 230. During my freshman year when I set up this site, I wrote:

[Begin original introduction]
Since we all know that laptops are popular with muggers, robbers, etc, and shady characters are numerous in West Philly, it behooves me, I think, to have a current backup at all times, so I upload my notes to a unix machine daily - well, usually daily *GRIN*.
Since the notes are there, and the machine is running a webserver, I thought to myself, hey - if I put these notes in my web directory, I can access them from wherever I happen to be, without schlepping around my laptop! Cool beans, huh? So, that's the deal. It so happens that some of my classmates find these notes useful. Cool. No problem - these notes aren't anything except what I think I heard the professor say, it's not like I've researched them or anything. I have no problem sharing them, and I expect that if my classmates use them, they do not hold me responsible for any mistakes they might find in them. But if you DO find a mistake, please email me at hillary@hillary.net, thanks. Also, please don't come and ask me if I'm putting my notes up soon, unless you have a real reason to believe I forgot a day.


Those of you who have donated to the cause, you know who you are (some people got embarrassed having their names listed, so...). Thanks. It's appreciated. Those who did not, don't sweat it. It's not required.

Please note: by my calculations, 17% of the cost of my new Duo 2300 was covered by donations from classmates. I really appreciate that, since my old Duo 230 was all worn out, had gone through three keyboards, and was having disk problems.

NOTE 4/24/98: I just want to say another *thank you* to the class of 2000 for honoring me with the SCAVMA service award this year. I very very much appreciate the gesture - and the $250 is really nice, too. Thanks so much.

February 2004 Update

Is anyone still reading this page? If you are, and you enjoy the site, you might drop me a note at hillary@hillary.net. I'm considering updating it with some notes gleaned from practice and maybe some cool pictures of interesting cases, but I'm not sure if I'm really going to. I might be more motivated to keep it interesting if it gave me some kind of benefit...like, you know - warm fuzzies, or cash gifts :). READ THIS DISCLAIMER: To reinforce what I stated in the historical information - the veterinary school classroom lecture notes contained within this filesystem are nothing more than what I think I heard the lecturer say. They are not made from tapes - they are not complete absolute word for word transcriptions. They are not corrected, they are not guaranteed, and they are not for distribution or publication. These files are simply my (Hillary's) notes on these lectures. Comments within these files which are set aside as parenthetical remarks are generally personal notes to myself which should not be attributed to the listed speaker. Likewise, most of the stupid jokes and parodied song lyrics are mine - except in lectures given by Dr. Smith *grin*. If abuse (redistribution, plagiarism, etc) of the contents of these files becomes a problem, I will have to restrict access, which I really do not want to do, for a variety of reasons. Feel free to contact me with questions on any topic discussed herein. I am more than happy to discuss the entire situation with anyone, at any time. I did obtain permission from Dr. Mike Provost at Penn before beginning this project. Please do not attempt to directly contact a listed lecturer regarding topics discussed herein simply on the basis of what you read in my lecture notes! Contact me to discuss it first! Also, please do not redistribute these notes (students at Penn vet school may feel free to copy them for other students at will, however). If you believe you have a pressing need to redistribute something within these notes, please contact me first!
[end original introduction]