Some Random Stuff

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Ok, well, now it's 2/3/96 and suddenly I've gone from some average masters degree student to an about to be member of a doctoral program!!! ME??? a DOCTOR? ohmygodohmygodohmygod....

so i was thinking that all of you out there should run, not walk to your nearest video store, and snag a copy of the TUNE, by Bill Plympton. and after you watch it, come on over to my house, and we'll work out a way for us all to go to flooby nooby together. i think it will be a hell of a party!!!!

Mark checked out this page shortly after i put it up, and wrote to me deeply concerned that he had in some way offended me by putting his feet on my table. Mark, please consider this a public apology if I in any way implied that your behavior had been less than acceptable. It's just that Avi, Izzy, and Jonathan were all too long for the meter....

So, today, Sunday, January 21, 1996, I'm sitting here hanging out over at izzy's house, and I just thought "what the hell, I'll make a page of random web stuff," as if my other pages weren't random enough, right?

Right now I'm all excited about this new computer I just ordered. It's going to be so much better than what i have now, I might just stay home for a whole week and play with it.

Today I went to Brunch at the Four Seasons with izzy and his grandparents. As you can see, it has won the "Best of Philly" award, and it was unbelievable. I can't even describe to you how much food they had lying around that place.

nothing much else really going on. i think i'll leave you with a short poem that i am going to write just for you all, right now:

warm flurries

i'm watching the weather channel
there isn't that much to see
i'm watching the weather channel
and something is bothering me
i'm watching the weather channel
and i don't get my local forecast
i'm watching the weather channel
and i call up the cable co to ask
"why don't you send regional forecasts?
it makes me get really upset.
i can't tell what's going on outside
i might end up getting all wet"
i'm watching the weather channel
provided by mid-atlantic cable
i'm watching the weather channel
hey mark- get your feet off my table!
i'm watching the weather channel
and i'm glad i have cable tv
but it pisses me off unbelievably much
that i can't pick a better company!