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Article 12459 of alt.sysadmin.recovery:
From: (hillary)
Newsgroups: alt.sysadmin.recovery
Subject: Re: ARRGGH! postmaster blues
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 16:27:42 -1000
Organization: Directly proportional to sleep hours
Lines: 48
References: <4bulra$> <4c1nlb$>
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In article <4c1vnf$>, (Michael Handler)

* In article <4c1nlb$>, 
* Nick Cuccia (cuccia@motherhouse.Talamasca.COM) wrote:
* >       Woke up in the morning, I just couldn't snooze
* >       [Da da da da dah!]
* >       Couln't read my darn email, someone's just bound to lose.
* >       [Da da da da dah!]
* >       Stuff from 'rotica newsgroups, cast it to /dev/null and cruise,
* >       I've got those AOL-hating, BOFH Postmaster Blues!
* > 
* >       I've got them baaaaaad,
* >       I've got them Postmaster Blues.
* >       Give me my sendmail, my procmail, my MH,
* >       I'll make them AOL-weenies snooze!
*     Oh Lord I'm drownin', covered up to mah haad, [da DA da DAH!]
*     filled up with Usenet complaints, netters seein' red. [da DA da
*     Got spammers and flamers, Canter and Siegel too, [da DA da DAH!]
*     "Resampling Statistics", and f*cking Howard Bloom.
*         [da DA da DE dadada dadada dadada dadada dadada...]
*     Oh Simon -- I got dem' so baad,
*     I got dem newsmaster blues.
*     All I's needs is more spool space,
*     And I'll never have to lose!
I thought i'd check mail 
Oh boy was I wrong
10 meg of complaints
all about xyoung 
don't wanna beeee a postmaster
Lord, I wanna be free!
don't wanna beee a postmaster!
what worse fate can there be? 
what worse fate can there be? 
what worse fate can there beeeeeee-eee
don't wanna be a postmaster! please don't bounce your error meee-eeeee......




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