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Yay! I lost weight!

If you've ever tried losing weight, then you know how huge a deal this can seem to be. I was always a slender child, skinny even...until I got to be about 13 or 14 years old. At that time IIRC I got a bit pudgy - I was only about ten pounds overweight, but it was constantly being pointed out to me and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I remember a friend's mother once making up a little jingle that went "Oh what a riiii-ot, [friend's name] is on a diiiiii-et. Isn't it even fuuuunier - Hillary's getting fat!" As you might imagine, that hurt my feelings a lot.

Small tribulations aside, my adolescent pudginess did melt away like everyone said it would, and when I graduated from high school I was a very svelte 149 lbs. *sigh*. That lasted about 2 years.

My weight slowly, slowly crept up after I gained the initial "freshman five" in fall of 1987...and by January of 1997 I was up to *argh* 172 lbs!! *YIKES* !!!!

So, I did what any lifetime member of Weight Watchers' daughter (hi Dad!) would do...I joined WEIGHT WATCHERS! Between February and May I lost about 1 to 2 pounds per week. My goal weight was 160, but as of today - July 12, 1997 - I weigh in at about 150 pounds. Note that I said "about" 150 - I am not one of those paranoid people who measures in grams and gets on the scale every five minutes. I weigh myself every couple of weeks (note: WW lifetime members only *have* to go to WW once monthly) to make sure I'm on top of the situation. About 3 weeks ago I joined the Rittenhouse Square Fitness Center, and I've been lifting weights and doing aerobic stuff about 3-4 times a week. I am NOT going to get fat again. I absolutely REFUSE.

So...here's the actual progression of the loss, for those who need to crunch numbers:

Jan 29: 170.5 (note: I'd already lost 2 on my own)
Feb 05: 167.75
Feb 11: 168.5
Feb 18: 166
Feb 25: 163.75
Mar 04: 161
Mar 12: 159.5 *reached goal!*
Mar 18: 159.25
Mar 24: 158.5
Apr 01: 157.5
Apr 08: 155
Apr 15: 156.4
Apr 21: 155 *finished maintenance!*
Apr 28: 153.75
May 04: 153
May 20: 152
Jun 04: 150.8
Jun 15: 149.25


Apr 01: 157 *oops* got a little careless!
Apr 20: 153 *phew*

Like I said before, I'll only chart any major changes from here on out.


Dec 2 2002: 190 lbs. But I DID have a baby October 20th, so that's a pretty good excuse!
Jan 6 2003: 177.6 lbs - got my ten pound ribbon
Jan 13 2003: Ok, I was 177.6 last week, and I'm 177.2 this week. Whatever. I'm on this weird lose 4 lbs, stay the same, lose 4 lbs, stay the same patter so probably next monday I will have lost a few pounds again.
Jan 20 2003: 174.4 - woo hoo, I've lost 15.6 lbs in 7 weeks. Gotta love that! That's about a kilogram per week :) not too shabby. Now my point range loses 2 points, though. Hmm.
Jan 27 2003: 173.8 - ok, half a pound gone - I don't know what is up with this pattern of lose big, stay within a half pound, lose big, stay within a half pound every other week thing but whatever. Of note this week: I was able to zip up my size 10 LLBean fleece-lined jeans (although I still can't actually WEAR them), and my wristwatch has gotten so loose it flips around to the wrong side of my wrist.
Feb 3 2003: 171.0 - almost three more pounds. I reached my 10% goal, having lost 19 total pounds since starting at 190!
Feb 10 2003: 170 even. Wow! I didn't expect to lose anything this week, given my previous pattern PLUS the fact that I ate a lot more this week :). I'm glad to be proven wrong, though. They gave me two 5 lb stars, which I stuck on my lifetime member card, and I got the 10% keychain they didn't give me last week. Woo hoo!! TWENTY POUNDS DOWN!!!
Feb 17 2003: We're snowed in, WW is closed, I have to use my home scale. It says 167.6, with my big purple fleece sweatshirt on. I think I definitely lost at least two pounds.
Feb 18 2003: "officially" weighed in today at 167.2!
Feb 24 2003: 165.2!
Mar 3 2003: 163.6
Mar 10 2003: 163.2
Mar 17 2003: 159.0 - one under goal!
Apr 21 2003: 149.6 - 0.4 under my personal goal!! And my old clothes all fit :)
I stopped counting points for the most part as of May 1, but I continued my meetings through May.
May 5 2003: 148.4
May 12 2003: 146.4
May 30 2003: 142.8
As you can see, without counting points, I continued to lose another seven pounds. I stopped going to meetings as of June 1st.
Jun 02 2003: 143.2
Jun 30 2003: 140.6
Jul 11 2003: 139.2
Aug 20 2003: 138
And as you can see again, I lost another five pounds without going to meetings OR counting points for the most part. Although I don't count points, I DO continue to eat as sensibly as I can. I indulge myself for sweets now and then because I have such a sweet tooth, but I also exercise portion control and don't graze on fattening snacks all day and so forth :). I haven't even given any thought to the new Flexpoints plan. If I need to count points again (if I start a gaining pattern again) I guess I will. Hopefully I will be maintaining. I have been TRYING to maintain, as opposed to lose, since July 1, but as you can see I did lose a couple of pounds anyway. OOPS! :)


I had my 3rd child 1/27/2005 - and I weighed about 200 lbs that day, before Lilah was born :). I re-started weight watchers about 6 weeks later!
Mar 11 2005: 174 lbs
Mar 17 2005: 171
Mar 24 2005: 169
Mar 31 2005: 170
Apr 07 2005: 166
Apr 14 2005: 164
Apr 21 2005: 165
Apr 28 2005: 161

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