Hillary, Michael, Jacob, and Naomi's deepest desires

What's going on?

Well, people are always asking for gift ideas and we can't ever seem to come up with anything good. So, here are some online wishlists we made.

Hillary's Amazon Wishlist
Michael's Amazon wishlist - check it out, good ideas on there!

Michael is interested in a lot of the stuff at scitoys.com - which is pretty darn cool, really.

Jacob's Amazon Wishlist
Naomi's Amazon Wishlist

The kids as of 3/19/04 are wearing:

Jacob: pants- 3T mostly although outgrowing the rare few in that size, tops 3T or 4T or 4 or some such. 4T underwear :)

Naomi: onesies - L or XL - she's about 20 to 21 lbs for what that's worth. Pants and shirts she is wearing size 12-18 mos, a good fit on her right now even though she's already 17 mos old she won't be outgrowing them any time soon.

Hillary is approximately a size 6 in women's clothes. Michael is a 29 waist, 28 length in pants and a "small" shirt. He thinks.