Work Stuff

I'm working for Net Access, owned and everything elsed by Avi Freedman. For more information on what I do at Net Access, check out Hillary's Habitat, my "other" home page...
Oh, wait. I never update that page. Ok, well, lately I've been working in the Net Access Network Operations Center (NOC). Of interest to geeks is this Net Access site:
The Net Access Noc. The NOC is where the netaxians hang out 24/7, waiting for the phone to ring.

Working, of course, is done in my Copious Free Time (tm) when I am not attending class at the vet school at Penn or hanging out with Izzy. Lucky for us, our new house is wired for ethernet in every room, so is now back on line, and working from home is as easy as ever *grin*
Also, you can look at my online resume.

For a glimpse into the innermost workings of Net Access, click here. For goofy pictures of Avi in the snow, click here.

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