Welcome to Hillary's Animal Farm!

I'd like to introduce you to some of my best friends.


Kanga and Rufus are seen here as babies, but they're about 4 months old now. They're the most wonderful kittens in the world and they DO NOT make me sneeze!! We got them from Regnbuekats, A CFA Certified Cattery of Excellence, run and maintained by Donna Sacerdote, in southern New Jersey - not far from Philadelphia. Kanga and Rufus also have their own web page.

Wally the wonderdog, seen here attempting to nurse me back to health during last fall's bronchitis episode. Wally is a 60 poundish mutt, raised from day 2 or 3 on milk replacer after someone found him with his dead mom by the side of the road. He seems to have turned out ok, though!!!

Frisky, seen here gazing off into space, pondering theories about the singularity, was my first dog ever. She was a whole lot of love in a small package, and since she's been gone I've really missed her.

The Wabs need to be seen to be believed, because they are too cute for words. Wanda is the brown and white one, and Walter is the tan one. I named Walter after my grandfather Walter Katz because I thought he looked wise. Walter and Wanda Wabbit are both mini-lops and are litterbox trained house rabbits who enjoy the benifits of free living as well as the security of the hutch. I know one picture isn't enough. Here's another, and another, and yet another!

Valentino is the largest dog I've ever lived with. Here he's waiting with me for a friend to get off work so we can go camping. We are standing in the parking lot of REI in Berkeley, CA. I obtained Valentino from the Berkeley/East Bay Humane Society and we went to obedience school there too. Many people think my fascination with and love for Valentino is in some way related to my unending fondness for cows.

Cleopatra should really be represented on this page as a blur, because she almost never actually stops moving. In a surprise move, she laid down in the sun a few years ago for a few minutes, and that's when I snapped this picture. Here she is last week, "hiding" in a pile of laundry. Even Wanda had to take a second look to be sure it was really her.


SusieQ and Diablo

The mystery cow! Large or Small versions.

Coming Soon:
Magic, the horse who did not specialize

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