Breaking Hillary News! (October 20, 1997)

Archived news is here.

ARGH ARGH ARGH. I am so stressed out you could not possibly believe it. School is very very intense this semester and I have a slew of exams coming up really soon. My last paws clinic, about a month ago, went really well, so I'm pleased about that. But the stress is really bothering me, and I am considering taking some St. John's Wort or something to see if that helps.

Aside from stressing out, I have been doing a few things...I got a new Duo 2300c - although I had to immediately send it back in for repair, and that is causing me more stress, because they haven't shipped it back to me yet. I've seen a couple of movies - In and Out, and The House of Yes, both of which I enjoyed. I haven't gained any weight back, so that's good. So it's not that my life is totally sucking or anything. It's just a lot of stuff going on.

The Cheltenham High School class of 1987 reunion is coming up too. Yikes. Ten years? Oh boy.

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